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2014 Energy Summit: A Global Energy Outlook

2014 Energy Summit: A Global Energy Outlook

Save the date! On October 29, the 2014 Energy Summit will bring international stakeholders to UW-Madison for mutually beneficial discussions around pressing technical and policy-related energy issues facing the world. With a focus on addressing energy challenges and demands associated with urbanization and the growing population, the program will unite prominent industry leaders, researchers, policymakers and students.

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Sustainable Energy Seminar Series: Exploring Solutions Small and Large

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4-5 p.m., Mondays from September 8 to December 8, Wisconsin Energy Institute Room 1115

The Wisconsin Energy Institute is helping facilitate a series of seminars focused on University of Wisconsin–Madison expertise in sustainable energy. The series will allow students and the public to explore sustainable energy solutions from the small to large, learn about the challenges facing sustainable energy and interact with experts from across campus.

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A Civil Society Event on Action in Climate & Health

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United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has invited heads of state and government along with business, finance, civil society and local leaders to a UN Climate Summit, September 23 in New York. The Summit will catalyze governments, industry and civil society worldwide towards substantial commitments for a low-carbon economy to mitigate climate change.

The health and public health community are engaging through an official side-event on September 22, "A Civil Society Event on Action in Climate Change and Health," to the UN summit, co-hosted by the Public Health Institute, the Global Climate and Health Alliance, the American College of Sports Medicine and the University of Wisconsin.

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Neuroeconomics, Behavioral Nudges, and Environmental Valuation

October 2nd, 6:30pm, Tong Auditorium (Room 1003), Engineering Centers Building

The emerging field of neuroeconomics offers a method of evaluating the components of environmental decision-making and improving behavioral prediction over traditional survey methods. Several studies utilizing both functional magnetic resonance imaging (FMRI) and national surveys will be discussed to explore how people assign value to threatened natural resources and how they make consumer decisions on appliances with Energy Star-labeled options. These studies offer insight into the mechanisms through which individual differences (e.g., numeracy and pro-environmental attitudes) can influence environmental decision-making, and the implications for both energy efficiency policy and contingent valuation methods.

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Wisconsin Energy and Sustainability Challenge

Wisconsin Energy and Sustainability Challenge

Eight student teams competed at the Nelson Institute Earth Day Conference. $13,000 in prize money was awarded. Find out how mealworms can fight hunger around the world and why ridesharing is getting a mobile makeover. The Wisconsin Energy Institute is proud to support the Wisconsin Energy & Sustainability Challenge, a student competition aimed at advancing scientific discovery forward. This challenge combines the Global Stewards Sustainability Prize with the Dvorak Energy Innovation Prize.

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