Wisconsin Energy Institute

Executive Vice President Corporate Services

Date Published: 

August 09, 2013

Position Type: 


Job Location: 

Madison, WI

Job Description: 

Under general direction, the Executive Vice President of Corporate Services leads the shared support services needed to effectively and efficiently support the innovation, service quality, and profitability goals of WECC by using his/her expertise to:

1. Provide direction, management, and leadership in budgeting, accounting, business planning, and all aspects of WECC administration.

2. Model, support, and reinforce the mindsets and behaviors that demonstrate the values and culture of WECC.

Primary & Essential Responsibilities

1. Provide leadership in accounting , finance and administration

• Report financial performance of the organization to WECC's Board and Executive Team.

• Manage WECC’s banking and investment relationship with First Business Bank and First Business Trust and Investments, including cash flow needs

• Oversee the management of WECC’s facility needs and lease negotiations.

• Oversee the preparation of WECC's annual financial budget and present to Executive Team and Board of Directors.

• Review annually and monitor frequently WECC’s insurance portfolio (business, property, liability, automobile, etc) to help ensure WECC maintains a comprehensive, highly secure insurance package.

• Provide annual analysis of employee fringe benefit tax liability.

• Oversee the development of WECC’s pricing strategies for new services and contracts.

• Evaluate the performance of, and provide training and development opportunities for, Financial and Administrative staff

• As a member of WECC's Executive Team, assist with strategic planning efforts of the organization

• Prepare all necessary financial reports, special analyses, and information reports; develop recommendations for programmatic and fiscal changes.

• Provide Program Managers with support relating to budgeting and financial management

• Manage WECC’s fleet of vehicles, including maintenance, registration, insurance and oversee the maintenance of the building and grounds and all related services

2. Lead and oversee the business information and analysis and business reporting function.

• Lead development and oversee implementation and management of WECC’s reporting infrastructure supporting both program and enterprise reporting needs, including the Performance Tracking System (PTS), to ensure information is transparent, easily accessible and of high quality.

• Lead the collaborative development of end-to-end (contract to close of program) enabling processes across multiple business units to capture relevant data in an efficient and effective manner.

• Lead development and oversee maintenance of data standards and documentation to ensure internal information is accurate and consistent.

• Work collaboratively across business units to determine program and enterprise information needs and lead development and implementation of solutions to meet those needs.

3. Manage and oversee IT network systems, including hardware infrastructure, software systems, and voice and data systems to optimize WECC’s performance and accountability

4. Provide oversight of the human resource operations functions, including position control, compensation, benefits, employee relations, and performance management

5. Recruit, orient, train, manage, and mentor staff and/or project partners to ensure effective service delivery.

• Hire and train program staff; provide day-to-day supervision and coaching for program staff and /or project subcontractors.

• Ensure that staff responsibilities and corresponding accountability are clearly established and met.

• Plan routine on-site visits to observe program staff and address issues.

6. Serve as a member of the Executive Team and assist the President in overall decision-making and management of the organization.

• Participate in all senior management team meetings and decisions.

• Participate in WECC’s strategic planning and annual planning processes.

• Cultivate and create opportunities in the organization that foster cross-functional synergies of skills, approaches and solutions that advance WECC’s mission.

• Contribute leadership skills in helping WECC maintain a mission-driven, creative, enjoyable and stimulating work environment for all staff.

Minimum Requirements

1. Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Finance, Accounting, or related field of study.

2. Minimum of ten (10) years experience directly related to the duties and responsibilities specified.

3. Demonstrated leadership, supervision/mentoring, and team building skills

4. Knowledge of financial accounting, budgeting, control and reporting principles, methods, techniques, and standards

5. Ability to analyze and interpret financial data and prepare financial reports, statements and/or projections

6. Knowledge of federal and state financial and lending regulations

7. Knowledge of IT operations and human resource operations

8. Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and written

9. Ability to foster a cooperative, team oriented work environment

10. Ability to make evaluation judgments

Job Application Deadline: 

September 08, 2013