Wisconsin Energy Institute

WEI Building: A catalytic home for energy innovation

The Wisconsin Energy Institute building is a centerpiece of future renewable energy systems research at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. The Institute houses cutting-edge research in advanced fuels, renewable energy and energy storage systems. The WEI building brings engineers and biological and physical scientists together to create integrated clean energy systems that both increase energy efficiency and diversify the energy sector. Located directly next to the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences and the College of Engineering, and in close physical proximity to the College of Letters & Sciences and the new Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery, WEI is strategically placed within a new campus research corridor— one that is ideal for collaborative renewable energy research and the transfer of technology to applications.

The laboratories, imaging and computational spaces inside the WEI allow agronomists, biologists, chemists, computer scientists, ecologists, engineers and mathematicians to collaboratively develop future energy systems. The flexible design includes “plug and play” wet and dry laboratories that easily adapt to changes in research teams or disciplines giving scientists the capability to adjust labs for their work and the university's first high-bay laboratories for the creation of large-scale integrated energy systems.

The WEI is an energy-efficient research facility that reflects the clean energy advances being developed on campus, and functions as a nexus for UW-Madison energy research, training, outreach and technology transfer, positioning the institution to expand as a global leader in energy.

Thanks to the expertise and dedication of our construction team, contractors and architects the Wisconsin Energy Institute building has been nominated for and won a number of awards:

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Construction of the Wisconsin Energy Institute building began in 2010 was complete in early 2013. See photos from inside the building that highlight key features throughout the construction process.

Revealing the WEI

Revealing WEI

Learn about the history of energy innovation at the UW–Madison, what energy challenges are facing our nation, and how the Wisconsin Energy Institute will help centralize energy research from across campus. Watch here.