Wisconsin Energy Institute

Energy Experts

From biofuels to batteries, UW-Madison has a wealth of expertise in energy. This resource connects you to UW-Madison faculty investigating cross-cutting issues in all areas of energy.

For specific media requests, please contact Mary Blanchard.

This directory is intended to serve as a central resource of energy experts throughout the University of Wisconsin-Madison, regardless of college or departmental affiliation. If you are a UW-Madison faculty member working in energy and would like to be added to this list, please email communications@wei.wisc.edu so that we can include you during our next round of updates.

Namesort ascending Institutional Title Email
Hongrui Jiang Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering hongrui@engr.wisc.edu
Holly Gibbs Assistant Professor of Geography and Environmental Studies, Nelson Institute Center for Sustainability and the Global Environment (SAGE) hkgibbs@wisc.edu
Heidi Kaeppler Associate Professor, Agronomy hfkaeppl@wisc.edu
Gregory Nemet Associate Professor, La Follette School of Public Affairs nemet@wisc.edu
Gregory Moses Professor, Engineering Physics gregory.moses@wisc.edu
Greg Nellis Professor, Mechanical Engineering gfnellis@engr.wisc.edu
Giri Venkataramanan Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering giri@engr.wisc.edu
Gerald Kulcinski Associate Dean for Research; Grainger Professor of Nuclear Engineering; Director, Fusion Technology Institute glkulcin@wisc.edu
George Huber Professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering gwhuber@wisc.edu
Gary Radloff Director, Midwest Energy Policy Analysis, Wisconsin Energy Institute gary.radloff@wisc.edu
Garret Suen Assistant Professor, Bacteriology gsuen@wisc.edu
Franklin Miller Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering fkmiller@wisc.edu
Edward Friedman Professor Emeritus, Political Science efriedm1@wisc.edu
Douglas Reindl Professor, Engineering Professional Development dreindl@wisc.edu
Doug Reinemann Professor, Biological Systems Engineering doug.reinemann@wisc.edu
Dominique Brossard Professor, Life Sciences Communication dbrossard@wisc.edu
Dietram Scheufele Professor, Life Sciences Communication scheufele@wisc.edu
David Weimer Professor, La Follette School of Public Affairs weimer@lafollette.wisc.edu
David Rothamer Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering rothamer@wisc.edu
David Benton Informatics and Information Technology Director, Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center dbenton@glbrc.wisc.edu
Dave Foster Phil and Jean Myers Professor Emeritus, Mechanical Engineering defoster@wisc.edu
Dante Fratta Associate Professor of Geological Engineering, Civil & Environmental Engineering fratta@wisc.edu
Daniel Ludois Assistant Professor ludois@wisc.edu
Dane Morgan Associate Professor, Materials Science and Engineering ddmorgan@wisc.edu
Dan Noguera Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering dnoguera@wisc.edu
Dan Klingenberg Professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering dan.klingenberg@wisc.edu
Dan Anderson Professor Emeritus, Wisconsin School of Business danderson@bus.wisc.edu
Claudio Gratton Professor, Entomology cgratton@wisc.edu
Christos Maravelias Associate Professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering christos.maravelias@wisc.edu
Chris Todd Hittinger Assistant Professor, Genetics cthittinger@wisc.edu
Chris Rutland Professor, Mechanical Engineering chris.rutland@wisc.edu
Chris Kucharik Associate Professor, Agronomy and Environmental Studies kucharik@wisc.edu
Chris Hegna Professor, Engineering Physics cchegna@wisc.edu
Chris DeMarco Grainger Professor of Power Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering cdemarco@wisc.edu
Chin Wu Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering chin.wu@wisc.edu
Cary Forest Professor, Physics cbforest@wisc.edu
Carol Barford Associate Scientist and Director, Center for Sustainability and the Global Environment carol.barford@wisc.edu
Carl Sovinec Professor, Engineering Physics csovinec@wisc.edu
Cameron Currie Professor, Bacteriology currie@bact.wisc.edu
Bulent Sarlioglu Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering sarlioglu@wisc.edu
Bruce Beihoff Technical Director of Industry Relations, Wisconsin Energy Institute beihoff@wisc.edu
Brian Pfleger Associate Professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering brian.pfleger@wisc.edu
Brian Fox Marvin J. Johnson Professor in Fermentation, Biochemistry bgfox@biochem.wisc.edu
Brad Barham Professor, Agricultural and Applied Economics bradford.barham@wisc.edu
Bernard Lesieutre Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering lesieutre@engr.wisc.edu
Audrey Gasch Associate Professor, Genetics agasch@wisc.edu
Arganthael Berson Faculty Associate, Mechanical Engineering berson2@wisc.edu
Ankur Desai Associate Professor, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences desai@aos.wisc.edu
Andrea Hicks Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering hicks5@wisc.edu
Ananth Krishnamurthy Associate Professor, Industrial & Systems Engineering ananth.krishnamurthy@wisc.edu
Alan Carroll Professor, Geoscience carroll@geology.wisc.edu