Wisconsin Energy Institute

Energy Experts

From biofuels to batteries, UW-Madison has a wealth of expertise in energy. This resource connects you to UW-Madison faculty investigating cross-cutting issues in all areas of energy.

For specific media requests, please contact Mary Blanchard.

This directory is intended to serve as a central resource of energy experts throughout the University of Wisconsin-Madison, regardless of college or departmental affiliation. If you are a UW-Madison faculty member working in energy and would like to be added to this list, please email communications@wei.wisc.edu so that we can include you during our next round of updates.

Namesort ascending Institutional Title Email
Holly Gibbs Assistant Professor of Geography and Environmental Studies, Nelson Institute Center for Sustainability and the Global Environment (SAGE) hkgibbs@wisc.edu
Heidi Kaeppler Associate Professor, Agronomy hfkaeppl@wisc.edu
Gregory Nemet Associate Professor, La Follette School of Public Affairs nemet@wisc.edu
Gregory Moses Professor, Engineering Physics gregory.moses@wisc.edu
Greg Nellis Professor, Mechanical Engineering gfnellis@engr.wisc.edu
Giri Venkataramanan Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering giri@engr.wisc.edu
Gerald Kulcinski Associate Dean for Research; Grainger Professor of Nuclear Engineering; Director, Fusion Technology Institute glkulcin@wisc.edu
George Huber Professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering gwhuber@wisc.edu
Gary Radloff Director, Midwest Energy Policy Analysis, Wisconsin Energy Institute gary.radloff@wisc.edu
Garret Suen Assistant Professor, Bacteriology gsuen@wisc.edu
Franklin Miller Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering fkmiller@wisc.edu
Edward Friedman Professor Emeritus, Political Science efriedm1@wisc.edu
Douglas Reindl Professor, Engineering Professional Development dreindl@wisc.edu
Doug Reinemann Professor, Biological Systems Engineering doug.reinemann@wisc.edu
Dominique Brossard Professor, Life Sciences Communication dbrossard@wisc.edu
Dietram Scheufele Professor, Life Sciences Communication scheufele@wisc.edu
David Weimer Professor, La Follette School of Public Affairs weimer@lafollette.wisc.edu
David Rothamer Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering rothamer@wisc.edu
David Benton Informatics and Information Technology Director, Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center dbenton@glbrc.wisc.edu
Dave Foster Phil and Jean Myers Professor Emeritus, Mechanical Engineering defoster@wisc.edu
Dante Fratta Associate Professor of Geological Engineering, Civil & Environmental Engineering fratta@wisc.edu
Daniel Ludois Assistant Professor ludois@wisc.edu
Dane Morgan Associate Professor, Materials Science and Engineering ddmorgan@wisc.edu
Dan Noguera Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering dnoguera@wisc.edu
Dan Klingenberg Professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering dan.klingenberg@wisc.edu
Dan Anderson Professor Emeritus, Wisconsin School of Business danderson@bus.wisc.edu
Claudio Gratton Professor, Entomology cgratton@wisc.edu
Christos Maravelias Associate Professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering christos.maravelias@wisc.edu
Chris Todd Hittinger Assistant Professor, Genetics cthittinger@wisc.edu
Chris Rutland Professor, Mechanical Engineering chris.rutland@wisc.edu
Chris Kucharik Associate Professor, Agronomy and Environmental Studies kucharik@wisc.edu
Chris Hegna Professor, Engineering Physics cchegna@wisc.edu
Chris DeMarco Grainger Professor of Power Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering cdemarco@wisc.edu
Chin Wu Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering chin.wu@wisc.edu
Cary Forest Professor, Physics cbforest@wisc.edu
Carol Barford Associate Scientist and Director, Center for Sustainability and the Global Environment carol.barford@wisc.edu
Carl Sovinec Professor, Engineering Physics csovinec@wisc.edu
Cameron Currie Professor, Bacteriology currie@bact.wisc.edu
Bulent Sarlioglu Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering sarlioglu@wisc.edu
Bruce Beihoff Technical Director of Industry Relations, Wisconsin Energy Institute beihoff@wisc.edu
Brian Pfleger Associate Professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering brian.pfleger@wisc.edu
Brian Fox Marvin J. Johnson Professor in Fermentation, Biochemistry bgfox@biochem.wisc.edu
Brad Barham Professor, Agricultural and Applied Economics bradford.barham@wisc.edu
Bernard Lesieutre Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering lesieutre@engr.wisc.edu
Audrey Gasch Associate Professor, Genetics agasch@wisc.edu
Arganthael Berson Faculty Associate, Mechanical Engineering berson2@wisc.edu
Ankur Desai Associate Professor, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences desai@aos.wisc.edu
Andrea Hicks Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering hicks5@wisc.edu
Ananth Krishnamurthy Associate Professor, Industrial & Systems Engineering ananth.krishnamurthy@wisc.edu
Alan Carroll Professor, Geoscience carroll@geology.wisc.edu