Wisconsin Energy Institute

Energy Experts

From biofuels to batteries, UW-Madison has a wealth of expertise in energy. This resource connects you to UW-Madison faculty investigating cross-cutting issues in all areas of energy.

For specific media requests, please contact Mary Blanchard.

This directory is intended to serve as a central resource of energy experts throughout the University of Wisconsin-Madison, regardless of college or departmental affiliation. If you are a UW-Madison faculty member working in energy and would like to be added to this list, please email communications@wei.wisc.edu so that we can include you during our next round of updates.

Name Institutional Title Email
Lawrence "Gary" Oates Research Scientist oates@wisc.edu
Michael Oliva Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering mgoliva@wisc.edu
Marisa Otegui Professor, Botany and Genetics otegui@wisc.edu
Xuejun Pan Associate Professor, Biological Systems Engineering xpan@wisc.edu
Sara Patterson Professor, Horticulture spatters@wisc.edu
Jonathan Patz Professor, Environmental Studies and Population Health Sciences patz@wisc.edu
Brian Pfleger Associate Professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering brian.pfleger@wisc.edu
John Pfotenhauer Professor, Mechanical Engineering pfot@engr.wisc.edu
R. William (Bill) Provencher Professor, Agricultural and Applied Economics bill.provencher@wisc.edu
Gary Radloff Director, Midwest Energy Policy Analysis, Wisconsin Energy Institute gary.radloff@wisc.edu
Ronald Raines Professor, Biochemistry rtraines@wisc.edu
John Ralph Professor, Biochemistry; Plants Leader, Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center jralph@wisc.edu
Vatsan Raman Assistant Professor, College of Agricultural & Life Sciences sraman4@wisc.edu
Jim Rawlings Paul A. Elfers Professor and W. Harmon Ray Professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering james.rawlings@wisc.edu
Jennifer Reed Associate Professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering jennifer.reed@wisc.edu
Douglas Reindl Professor, Engineering Professional Development dreindl@wisc.edu
Doug Reinemann Professor, Biological Systems Engineering doug.reinemann@wisc.edu
Rolf Reitz Wisconsin Distinguished Professor, Mechanical Engineering reitz@wisc.edu
Joel Rogers Professor, Administrative Law jrogers@ssc.wisc.edu
Thatcher Root Professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering twroot@wisc.edu
David Rothamer Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering rothamer@wisc.edu
Natalie Rudolph Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering nrudolph2@wisc.edu
Troy Runge Assistant Professor, Biological Systems Engineering trunge@wisc.edu
Chris Rutland Professor, Mechanical Engineering chris.rutland@wisc.edu
Bulent Sarlioglu Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering sarlioglu@wisc.edu
Trey Sato Associate Scientist, Wisconsin Energy Institute tksato@glbrc.wisc.edu
Raluca Scarlat Assistant Professor, Engineering Physics raluca.scarlat@wisc.edu
Dietram Scheufele Professor, Life Sciences Communication scheufele@wisc.edu
Jordan Schmidt Associate Professor, Chemistry schmidt@chem.wisc.edu
Miriam Seifter Assistant Professor, Wisconsin School of Law miriam.seifter@wisc.edu
Richard Shaten Faculty Associate, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies rjshaten@wisc.edu
Timothy Shedd Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering tashedd@wisc.edu
Carl Sovinec Professor, Engineering Physics csovinec@wisc.edu
Kumar Sridharan Distinguished Research Professor, Engineering Physics kumar.sridharan@wisc.edu
Shannon Stahl Professor, Chemistry stahl@chem.wisc.edu
James Steele Professor, Food Science jlsteele@wisc.edu
Neil Stenhouse Assistant Professor, Life Sciences Communication stenhouse@wisc.edu
Garret Suen Assistant Professor, Bacteriology gsuen@wisc.edu
Stephanie Tai Assistant Professor, Wisconsin School of Law tai2@wisc.edu
James (Jim) Tinjum Associate Professor, Engineering Professional Development jmtinjum@wisc.edu
Mario Trujillo Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering mtrujillo@wisc.edu
Giri Venkataramanan Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering giri@engr.wisc.edu
Patrick Walsh Professor Emeritus, Biological Systems Engineering pwwalsh@wisc.edu
Xudong Wang Assistant Professor, Materials Science and Engineering xudong.wang@wisc.edu
David Weimer Professor, La Follette School of Public Affairs weimer@lafollette.wisc.edu
Paul Wilson Professor, Engineering Physics paul.wilson@wisc.edu
John Wright Andreas C. Albrecht Professor, Chemistry wright@chem.wisc.edu
Chin Wu Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering chin.wu@wisc.edu
Martin Zanni Meioche-Bascom Professor, Chemistry zanni@chem.wisc.edu
Victor Zavala Richard H. Soit Assistant Professor victor.zavala@wisc.edu
Yaoping Zhang Senior Scientist, Wisconsin Energy Institute yaoping.zhang@wisc.edu