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Energy Photo of the Week

As biofuel developers work to introduce a wide range of new liquid fuels to the market, UW–Madison associate professor of mechanical engineering and engineering physics and WEI affiliate Mario Trujillo is working to improve our understanding of the physics governing the way a jet of liquid fuel begins to break down on its way to becoming a combustible gas in an engine. Using complex, physics-driven simulations, Trujillo and his team are providing new insights into the ways that various fuels destabilize and disperse as they are propelled into an engine’s combustion chamber. The simulations, which require tremendous computing power, produce data that will help manufacturing industries develop engines that can better accommodate the liquid fuels of the future.

Trujillo will be discussing his fuel injection work in a talk entitled “Highly-Resolved Simulation of Fuel Injection for Combustion Applications” on Monday, February 8th at 3:30 pm as part of the WEI’s Sustainable Energy Seminar Series. The talk will take place in Room 1115 of the Wisconsin Energy Institute.