Wisconsin Public Utility Institute

Founded in 1982 and housed within the Wisconsin Energy Institute, the Wisconsin Public Utility Institute’s (WPUI) mission is to advance understanding of public policy issues in the electricity, gas, and telecommunications industries. WPUI provides information and education programs that aid in examining and developing appropriate public policies. WPUI programs and services communicate the wide range of views that exist on current policy matters, particularly leading-edge issues, which will affect the future of those industries and the customers they serve. It provides forums for discussion, dialog, and debate on public policy issues and fosters research that enriches and complements its programs and services.

WPUI's activities help to inform and educate business and policy leaders in Wisconsin, the Midwest, and the nation on critical issues facing utilities. Through this information exchange, better, more informed decisions can be made regarding issues such as energy efficiency, rate making, infrastructure planning, and renewable energy.

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