UW Family Gardening Day

Come visit WEI during UW–Madison's Family Gardening Day on Saturday, May 2, 10:00 AM–1:00 PM! 

Activities include:

  • Make and take milkweed and switchgrass pots
  • Learn all about monarchs with the UW-Arboretum
  • Explore the depths of prairie plant roots
  • Plant energy crops in WEI's bioenergy demonstration garden
  • Witness the bioenergy process from grass to gas
  • Uncover how reflections of light impact our earth and our energy systems
  • Enrich your knowledge of pollinators at our pollinator discovery station
  • Play a memory game to match items normally made from oil with a plant they can be made from instead
  • Construct your own pipe cleaner polymers to explore how plastic can be made from plants

Kids under 12: Get your passport stamp here and at three other UW Family Gardening Day locations and book your trip for a free Babcock ice cream!

Parking is free next to the Wisconsin Energy Institute in Lot 41!

UW Family Gardening Day Locations

Gardening day map

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Wisconsin Energy Institute
1552 University Ave.