Professional Development

Professional Development The Wisconsin Energy Institute offers a variety of opportunities for educators interested in bringing energy-related science into their classrooms, including summer-long research experiences and professional development programs focused on electricity systems (left) and bioenergy (right).
| Three days

The Wisconsin Energy Institute's (WEI) Energy Institute for Educators provides the opportunity for educators to engage with cutting-edge energy research at UW–Madison, and gain practical tools and materials for teaching students fundamentals of energy and sustainable energy systems. The…

| Seven weeks

The Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center's (GLBRC) Research Experience for Teachers (RET) program offers educators the opportunity to participate in both the research of the center and the corresponding development of educational materials around the topic of biofuels.

| Five days

Bioenergy is an exciting area of research and development and can provide excellent opportunities for engaging students. Join us for an intensive 5-day program (June 26-30) to learn about the latest developments in bioenergy research and hands-on materials to use with students.…