Solar Rover Exploration Station

Elementary Middle School High School
Exploration Station

This Exploration Station is designed to introduce learners to solar energy and how electrical output, or power, of solar photovoltaic panels changes relative to the distance of the light source. “Exploration Stations” are educational activities at public events that invite learners to interact with materials in a hands-on manner, and at their own pace. Learners will discover the relationship between power and distance of the light source using a solar rover. The facilitators’ role is to take cues from the learner to encourage inquiry-based scientific reasoning and experimentation.

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Physical Science


Sustainable Energy Systems

Solar energy, power, sustainability

Familiarity with the concept of energy is useful

30 minutes prep time. 10-20 minutes for activity.

Solar Rover, Vernier LabQuest Interface and Energy Sensor, potentiometer, light source (lamp), 2 red and 2 black alligator clips