Chin Wu


Civil & Environmental Engineering

College of Engineering

Chin Wu's research related to energy focuses on the development of innovative flow energy harvester and assessment of renewable wave energy in the Great Lakes.

  • Coastal processes, engineering, resilience, and sustainability
  • Environmental & ecological fluid mechanics/hydraulics
  • Restoration and rehabilitation of aquatic systems (river/stream, lake, and wetland)
  • Hydrologic/hydraulic modeling for sustainable urban planning and development and flood risk assessment
  • Risk assessment and resilience for extreme weather events (flood, storm, wave, meteotsunami, rip current)
  • Adaptive management for watershed restoration and protection
  • Cyberinfrastructure for enviromental monitoring
  • Risk assessment and sustainable remediation of contaminated sediments
  • Surface wave dynamics and Air-sea interactions
  • Groundwater and surface water interactions