Wisconsin Energy Institute

Program Analyst Intern

Date Published: 

August 05, 2014

Position Type: 


Job Location: 

Madison, WI

Job Description: 

The Program Analyst Intern will provide timely and accurate analyses of program outcomes. The Analyst’s efforts will help Program Staff increase the efficacy of our efforts while also supporting overall operations.

Specific responsibilities include:

1. Provide analytical support to Cool Choices’ program team, with specific responsibilities including:

a. Updating estimated game impacts by collecting and analyzing player activity on a weekly basis using existing protocols

b. Investigating both game-related and administrative issues (e.g., characterizing player activity trends or calculating indirect cost trends) and creating charts and graphs to illustrate findings.

c. Analyzing post-game surveys and creating a memo summarizing findings.

2. Provide research support for Cool Choices program efforts, including:

a. Creating clear and consistent documentation of the financial and environmental savings associated with game actions

b. Researching savings potential of new game actions

c. Calculating savings variations based on geography and other game-specific features

3. Provide administrative support to the office with specific responsibilities including:

a. Opening, dating and distributing incoming mail

b. Processing incoming invoices, delineating department and billing codes and then submitting to Cool Choices’ accounting firm for payment

c. Reconciling credit card statement with the associated receipts on a monthly basis and completing the related allocation spreadsheet.

d. Running monthly financial reports for program team.

e. Assisting the Executive Director in monitoring and maintaining the organization’s data security plan.

Download full position description from Cool Choices website. Submit resume and cover letter to jobs@coolchoices.com. This is a paid internship.

Job Application Deadline: 

August 29, 2014