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Educational Energy Simulation

Diversified involvement and increased public awareness are critical to developing a clean, efficient and affordable electricity system. MyPower is a hands on energy planning simulation that is accessible to executives and students alike. Similar to a utility planner, participants must plan for the future of electric power and ensure that adequate generating capacity is available to reliably meet demand. Balancing reliability along with system costs and environmental constraints becomes challenging, and may require strategic investment in several technology alternatives including energy efficiency, pollution controls, and new power plant investment in coal, natural gas, renewable, or nuclear power. Technologies are built using real world costs and are realistically constrained by environmental, financial, and resource considerations. The result is a simulation which closely mimics our real world challenges.

myPower Instruction Manual (PDF)

myPower Methodology Documentation (PDF)

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myPower video tutorials: Part 1 | Part 2 (these videos are from a previous version of myPower but involve the same activities.)