Wisconsin Energy Institute

Utility Solutions Project Intern

Date Published: 

January 02, 2014

Position Type: 


Job Location: 

Sun Prairie, WI

Job Description: 

MaxLite is an innovator in LED lighting for commercial, industrial and residential customers. Our business is growing quickly as businesses and homeowners recognize the many benefits that come with upgrading to LEDs.

This paid internship will give you a deep understanding of the energy efficiency market and LED lighting technology. Under direction from our Utility Program Manager you will work with MaxLite customers to analyze their lighting projects, assess their local utility rebates and fill out the required paperwork for submission. You will also work with our consumer sales team and will handle various tasks related to retail based utility programs including working with Menards, Family Dollar and Habitat ReStores.

The internship will expose you to the inner workings of utility energy efficiency programs across the country and how they impact the marketplace. In 2014 it is estimated that 6 billion dollars in rebates will be paid to customers to drive the adoption of energy efficient products. Along the way you will receive a deep understanding of LED lighting and the ways the products can be used to save energy and maintenance costs.

The skills necessary for this internship are as follows:

    • Business savvy and professionalism
    • Good understanding of Microsoft Excel and Word including using basic formulas
    • Good listening skills & strong multi-tasking ability
    • Basic project management skills
    • Ability to learn
    • Willingness to consider and suggest improvements to make things easier for our customers
    • Positive attitude with a constant focus on the customer's experience

Please review our website at www.maxlite.com

To apply, please email your resume & cover letter to jpater@maxlite.com

Hours are flexible based on your schedule - pay rate is $10 per hour

Job Application Deadline: 

January 31, 2014