Wisconsin Energy Institute

Rate Analyst

Date Published: 

March 15, 2013

Position Type: 


Job Location: 

Madison, WI

Job Description: 


Assist with designing, supporting, and implementing rates and tariffs for electric and gas service which are consistent with the provision of reliable service, responsive to customers' needs and regulatory mandates, and reflective of prices and terms which recover the Company's allowed revenue requirements. Assist with analyzing rate levels and cost formulas to develop rate structures and prices that meet corporate objectives; conducting research to prepare testimony on economic, financial, regulatory, and policy issues for submission to Company management and regulatory bodies for review and adjudication; and preparing filings needed to obtain regulatory approval of rates.


Assists with administering Company rates as required by Company standards and regulatory bodies including proper implementation and development of documentation related to billing of rates and tariffs. Tracks and maintains customer service procedures relative to the administration of rates and uniformity of customer treatment.

Assists with reporting activities to ensure the Company's rate-related reports are properly executed, which includes completing filings to the Midwest Renewable Energy Tracking System and those required to track energy and gas costs. Helps calculate adjustments to power supply expenses and gas costs and formulates arguments to support adjustments. Assists with tracking filings to ensure timely filings are made in the Company's best interests.

Conducts basic research on a wide range of economic issues using mathematical and statistical tools of microeconomic analysis. Develops rate and bill comparison analyses, budget variance reports, and other reports required within the Company or by regulatory agencies. Documents analyses in the form of written reports.

Assists with developing rate case documentation used in the regulatory process with the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin and other agencies by conducting basic research for use within written testimony.

Helps guide and support other Company personnel regarding rate applicability, service availability, and rate/service relationships by investigating and analyzing basic rate and tariff issues.

Observes rate policy discussions in forums outside of the Company to gain knowledge on maintaining the Company's leadership in customer service. This includes monitoring other companies' proposals and reviewing regulatory proceedings as necessary.

Aids in developing new electric and natural gas services to maintain the Company's leadership in customer service.

Performs other duties as assigned including, but not limited to, providing support to other Rate Analysts as needed.


Education and Experience

  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent in accounting, business, economics, finance, mathematics, or statistics or a related technical field.
  • Experience is a plus, but not required, for entry-level position.

Knowledge and Skills

  • High level of accuracy and attention to detail.
  • Quantitative and strategic analytical skills including the ability to organize data, identify and analyze problems, and recommend solutions.
  • Able to perform basic rate and/or cost of service analyses.
  • Knowledge of and good skill in using personal computer platforms; word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation applications; and databases.
  • Good written and oral communication skills with a demonstrated ability to explain technical rate and cost information to diverse internal and external customers quickly and effectively.
  • Able to effectively work autonomously and in a team.
  • Familiar with energy industry policies, procedures, practices, and precedents.

SALARY:  Commensurate with grade level and related work experience.

Job Application Deadline: 

May 01, 2013