Wisconsin Energy Institute

Program Planning & Analysis Consultant - Commercial & Small Business

Date Published: 

May 17, 2013

Position Type: 


Job Location: 

Madison, WI

Job Description: 


Under general direction, the Program Planning and Analysis Consultant will be responsible for WECC’s efforts to monitor current program and market trends, and develop program strategies to increase innovation across all WECC programs within the existing program portfolio. The Consultant will plan, design, and develop new programs and initiatives; manage program pilots and demonstration projects; contribute to the sales and launch of select programs and initiatives; and measure and monitor the success of both new and existing program offerings. The Consultant will be expected to actively participate in, and contribute to, regional/national forums with respect to best practices in program design, measurement, verification, and evaluation —bringing those perspectives back to WECC to ensure market leadership.


1. Lead assessment of existing portfolio.

a. Facilitate and lead cross-functional teams to identify the methods that will be deployed to monitor the progress and success of existing programs.

b. Monitor performance of WECC’s overall portfolio of programs and services, conducting regular assessments including impact (energy savings, end user and trade ally awareness and use, market penetration/ transformation), cost effectiveness ($/kWh/ therm, benefit cost tests) and process (operational efficiency, use of partnerships, marketing, incentive type and level).

c. Compare and contrast WECC’s portfolio with that of other programs operating across the U.S. (with emphasis on the Midwest).

d. Report outcomes and recommend opportunities for improved performance and efficiency.

e. Serve as a resource to program staff on program and process improvement, evaluation issues, and measurement and verification practices.

f. Review third-party evaluations and support program staff in responding to such reports.

2. Lead development of strategies that will increase innovation in WECC’s programs and services and facilitate development of new offerings.

a. Facilitate and lead cross-contract/ cross-functional teams to use assessment results to improve existing portfolio performance, and effectively integrate new business into existing program designs.

b. Facilitate and lead cross-contract/ cross-functional teams to develop new programs and services within the existing portfolio that expand market reach, foster market transformation and respond to market changes due to program impact.

c. Assist program staff in identifying opportunities for monitoring, verification, and other types of real-time assessments of program effectiveness to monitor the progress and success of new and existing programs.

3. Lead planning and research activities to support strategic priorities within the existing portfolio.

a. Participate in forums that allow WECC to continue to learn about innovation in energy technology/practices and effective program design.

b. Contribute to the development of WECC’s annual research plan, identifying areas in need of technical, program, and market research.

c. Manage WECC’s program planning activities, including program-specific efforts to understand markets and technologies.

d. Routinely update WECC’s program and business development staff regarding national/regional trends and issues that impact energy efficiency programming, research, and evaluation.

e. Facilitate the evaluation of the cost effectiveness of new technologies and initiatives using various benefit/cost tests and contribute to the development of well documented program inputs including deemed savings, measure life, customer costs and other relevant planning information.

f. Contribute to negotiations and interactions with key regional/national retailers, distributors, and manufacturers.

g. Serve as an “industry resource” and “industry leader” with respect to programming strategies, operational practices, and innovation.

4. These responsibilities are not all inclusive and other duties may be assigned from time to time.


1. Bachelor’s Degree in Business or related field

2. 3- 5 years experience managing new initiatives and processes (and measuring outcomes) either within or outside of the energy efficiency and/or renewable energy field.

3. Proven experience in planning, design, research, and analysis.

4. Knowledge of analytical techniques, including the use of SPSS, SAS, or other related statistical software packages.

5. Demonstrated leadership qualities, mentoring, and team building skills.

6. Superior time management and organizational skills.

7. Strong interpersonal skills including comfort with persuasive communications.

8. Excellent report writing and verbal communication skills.

9. Ability to facilitate group discussions and meetings.

10. Proficient with using Microsoft Office Suite or comparable software.

Job Application Deadline: 

June 28, 2013