Wisconsin Energy Institute

Program Engineer I

Date Published: 

August 29, 2013

Position Type: 


Job Location: 

Madison, WI

Job Description: 

Under direction, the Program Engineer I is responsible for the delivery of technical review and support services in support of energy efficiency and renewable energy programs managed by WECC.

Primary & Essential Responsibilities

1. Qualify and conduct engineering analysis of proposed energy efficiency projects.

• Review energy efficiency and renewable energy improvement projects submitted in conjunction with incentive pre-approval requests to determine if the project meets program terms and conditions, the customer is eligible, the feasibility of the project, and to quantify anticipated energy savings. Utilize administrative support staff to facilitate communications with clients and project tracking.

• Communication with end-use customers, trade allies and other parties to collect data necessary to qualify projects and conduct engineering analyses.

• Review post implementation incentives requests to ensure installed technologies and corresponding energy savings are consistent with those proposed through the pre-approval process.

• Utilize tracking systems to track and report project status including receipt, customer communications and approvals/denials.

2. Assist with the design and integration of technical review and support services within energy efficiency programs.

• Work with the Program Director, Program Manager and funding entity to define the overall program goals, objectives and deliverables. This can include periodic review of program policies and operations, and offering suggestions for improvements of incentive levels associated with measures.

• Work with the Program Director and Program Manager to define the scope of technical review and support services for assigned programs.

• Assist with the organization of resources necessary to deliver technical review services including WECC staff, subcontractors, and support services (e.g., call center).

• Assist with development of project implementation plans and timelines, and communicate deliverables to program and technical support staff.

• Assist with day-to-day management of technical support services for assigned programs, monitoring service levels and adjusting implementation plans as needed to achieve goals and objectives.

• Assist with continuous improvement efforts by identifying and facilitating the implementation of process, program design and quality assurance improvements.

3. Support program planning and program effectiveness efforts.

• Respond to requests from third party evaluators on technical issues related to specific projects or general questions about standard program engineering methods or energy saving modeling.

• Propose deemed savings calculations for appropriate energy efficiency measures and develop, maintain, and support a deemed savings database.

• Provide technical support of program planning efforts, including verifying measure savings projections for benefit/cost analysis.

4. Provide technical support services.

• Provide advice and assistance to program staff and end-use customers in specifying appropriate technologies for energy efficiency projects. This will primarily involve contact via telephone with limited field work.

5. Work with the Program Director and staff to complete monthly progress reports for each program.

• Assist the Programs Analyst and Program Manager in identifying key progress indicators for inclusion in reports.

• Supply data to the program analyst monthly for inclusion in monthly reports to clients and regulators.

6. These responsibilities are not all inclusive and other duties may be assigned from time to time.

Minimum Requirements

1. Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering Mechanical, Electrical or Energy

2. 3 to 5 years experience of relevant preparatory work required, to include

• Energy engineering and/or energy modeling

• Consultative engineering, working with end-use customers and trades to specify energy saving projects in the commercial and industrial sectors

• Building and working with diverse staff and consultants

• Review of engineering analysis conducted by third parties

• Work with common industrial, commercial and agricultural energy using systems, and the ability to identify efficiency/load management opportunities for these systems

• Analyze and resolve technical client problems/concerns

• Prioritize multiple assignments to meet crucial deadlines

3. Proficiency using Microsoft Office Suite or comparable software

4. Excellent verbal and written communication skills

Job Application Deadline: 

September 29, 2013