Wisconsin Energy Institute

Marketing & Communications Director

Date Published: 

April 21, 2014

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Madison, WI

Job Description: 

The Wisconsin Energy Institute (WEI) is a meta-center that seeks to support and enhance the many energy-related education, research, and service activities on the UW-Madison campus. Our vision is to increase Wisconsin's national leadership in identifying strategies for clean, efficient energy to help assure continued economic growth for the state and the nation. The WEI mission is to provide an objective forum for exchange of ideas on energy issues, and to focus, integrate, and transfer knowledge to identify the challenges and needs in energy resources, technology, and sustainability.

The Director of Marketing and Communications (Administrative Program Manager II) is responsible for overseeing the planning, development, design and implementation of communications, marketing, and public relations materials and activities for the Wisconsin Energy Institute. The Director operates in a fast-paced environment with high expectations for accuracy and quality work, and leads the communications team to implement best practices in all activities that support the WEI.

Strategic Marketing:

- Lead the development and implementation of long-term communications strategies that support the goals of the WEI.

- Oversee and manage the WEI brand, websites, messaging and talking points, press releases, presentation standards, social media activities, visual identity, and all publications.

- Identify and research the target markets and stakeholder audiences, including faculty, staff, funding agencies, government, and donors. Develop and implement communication strategies informed by that knowledge.

- Select marketing and communications tools that achieve objectives cost-effectively.

- Oversee market research activities to identify opportunities that could increase visibility for researchers of the WEI among targeted stakeholder groups such as awards, conferences, and industry or researcher groups. Support participation in these opportunities.

- Provide leadership for new marketing and communications initiatives as needed.

Content Strategy:

- Develop an overall strategy for conveying WEI's goals and accomplishments, in part through unique storytelling formats.

- Manage the development of marketing materials or editorial projects across all formats, lending specific expertise to team members on the challenges of communicating scientific discoveries, processes, and outcomes.

- Facilitate discussions with WEI subject matter experts to outline specific content strategies and editorial projects that support team goals.

- Provide feedback on content development work (editorial and style expertise on stories, press releases, and marketing materials) assigned to communications team members.

- Oversee and provide writing and copyediting support to researchers preparing grant proposals or for other projects as needed.

- Oversee creative direction on visual communications work (photography, videography, multimedia, graphics, and publications projects).

- Ensure that information contained in internal and external communications materials is maintained and remains current.

Public Relations and Outreach:

- Oversee the creation, planning, and implementation of events and other engagement strategies that develop strong connections with internal and campus partners, as well as existing and potential external collaborators.

- Create, plan and implement public relations activities and outreach as needed.

- Respond to requests from the media and members of the public.

- Oversee the creation and management of distribution lists for internal and external stakeholders, including faculty, staff, donors, funding agencies, government, and journalists.

- Follow emerging energy technology and policy trends to identify news hooks and other opportunities for visibility.

Staff Development:

- Define roles and hire personnel to staff the communications team to support WEI needs. Create challenging roles and responsibilities to build organization capabilities and fill capability gaps. Ensure all marketing and communications team members have adequate education and training to execute their jobs professionally.

- Supervise the marketing and communications team, setting high standards and providing guidance and support as needed.

- Provide leadership, support, and training to all marketing and communications staff members. Develop individual performance standards for employees and direct progress through regular performance feedback and evaluations. Recognize and reward innovative thinking, responsible risk taking, and the achievement of operational excellence. Coordinate work assignments and review work to assure compliance with established standards, requirements, and procedures.

- Ensure a positive and supportive work environment. Build collaboration by encouraging participation, constructive feedback, trust, mutual respect, and shared purpose among team members.

- Facilitate staff meetings and training sessions.

Project Management, Relationship Building:

- Plan, lead, and manage projects and events within deadlines and budget parameters and achieve measurable results.

- Develop project proposals, milestones, and budgets related to associated grant communications programs (ex. Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center, College of Engineering, etc.), including monitoring expenditures and regular reporting of progress to leadership.

- Coordinate with collaborators and funding agency communications staff by providing regular updates on research highlights, operational success, and milestones with associated grants as needed.

- Participate in campus, regional, or national committees or events as directed.

- Serve as liaison with College of Engineering and University Communications, representing WEI in campus organizations such as research or energy communicators groups.

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Job Application Deadline: 

May 01, 2014