Wisconsin Energy Institute


Date Published: 

December 06, 2013

Position Type: 


Job Location: 

Madison, WI

Job Description: 

Minimum number of years and type of relevant work experience:

Experience with web-application development and database design and implementation, particularly with Ruby on Rails. Experience with designing and implementing large scale relational databases with Oracle or MySQL. Programming experience in Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, R, Java, C++, C#, Perl, PHP and/or Python.

Experience with Bioconductor, BioPerl, BioRuby, Apache and bioinformatics tools and applications is also desirable. Some knowledge of molecular biology and/or statistics would be welcome.

Principal duties:

The Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center (GLBRC) is housed at the University of Wisconsin with collaborators at Michigan State University, Illinois State University, Pacific Northwest National Lab, Texas A&M University, University of British Columbia, University of Maryland, University of New Hampshire, and the University of Toledo. The GLBRC is one of 3 Department of Energy centers to conduct fundamental, genomics-based research on microbial and plant systems required to realize the national need for low-cost biofuels.

As a member of a research team of faculty, staff and post docs, the Computational Biology Software Developer/Database Designer will be part of an Informatics team supporting the research objectives of the GLBRC in scientific computing and computational infrastructure. The position requires a highly motivated team player who will participate in the design and implementation of custom web-based and desktop applications and databases for use by GLBRC scientists. Specific duties may include database design and implementation, user requirements gathering, software analysis, design, implementation, testing and support. This will require effective communication and collaboration with end users (including researchers and bench scientists), bioinformaticians, software developers, and operational IT personnel.

The candidate will oversee and develop scientific and analytical software, databases and knowledgebases required by GLBRC. The well-qualified candidate will have knowledge of and experience in developing and maintaining medium-to-large scale strategic solutions in a research environment, using best practices and with minimal supervision, and will be sensitive to the needs of a collaborative but geographically dispersed research environment. The candidate will also help in developing and managing user training courses and sessions and should be comfortable communicating in a variety of formats to scientists, management and staff at all levels of a research institution.

This position requires the ability to work both in a team and independently and the ability to communicate and collaborate with members of an inter-disciplinary team. The willingness and ability to rapidly learn new skills, concepts and technologies is vital.

This position offers an opportunity to play an important role in creating a keystone research center for the first great national challenge of the 21st century, sustainable energy independence. For additional information regarding the GLBRC, visit our website: http://www.glbrc.org.

Job Application Deadline: 

December 18, 2013