Wisconsin Energy Institute

Client Services Director

Date Published: 

March 17, 2014

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Job Location: 

Madison, WI

Job Description: 

Position Mission:

Under general direction, the Client Services Director is responsible for achieving energy savings, profitability and client satisfaction goals for assigned accounts. This role will position WECC to effectively and efficiently deliver energy efficiency programs and acquire new business contracts that match WECC’s desired client profile.

Primary & Essential Responsibilities

1. Contract/Account Management

    • Develop and execute annual account plans for each assigned client.
    • Serve as the day to day contact for clients and other stakeholders. This will involve fielding their questions, comments and concerns, responding to their needs, and/or identifying the appropriate resources to address their needs.
    • Work with the Portfolio Director to setup billing codes (P&Ls) for projects under management on an annual basis, ensuring WECC’s system for tracking expenses conforms to the way clients would like them tracked. Communicate P&L and appropriate expenses classifications to relevant staff and approve client invoices.
    • Manage the development and delivery of monthly progress reports (i.e., scorecards) to assigned clients, staff and other relevant stakeholders. This will involve working with the client to qualify reporting needs, develop template reports, coordinate quality control review of reports and facilitating meetings to deliver reports as needed. The Client Services Director is primarily responsible for ensuring the delivery of well written and accurate reports.
    • Monitor progress toward energy savings goals and budget expenditures relative to monthly forecasts. Ensure that WECC senior Client Services and Energy Operations management are aware of situations in which programs are not performing to expectations and work with Energy Operations staff to develop solutions and communicate and/or approve any changes with clients.
    • Facilitate meetings with clients and other stakeholders as needed to review and discuss WECC’s progress, performance or other issues as needed. This will involve managing the development of agendas, preparing WECC attendees on key issues, identification of appropriate venues and other necessary arrangements.
    • Monitor compliance with contract terms and conditions, and work with the appropriate parties within WECC to resolve any inconsistencies.
    • Facilitate the development of annual reports for assigned accounts. This will involve working Energy Operations and Client Services Support staff to acquire the necessary information, incorporate it into an appropriate format, obtain necessary approvals and deliver the report to the client.
    • Facilitate the revision of operating plans that are responsive to sponsor goals and objectives while serving WECC’s business interests as needed. This will involve working with sponsors to qualify their needs, identifying appropriate resources within WECC (including collaborating with other WECC departments) to develop and deliver or refine solutions, and taking a leadership role in coordinating the development and writing of an Operating Plan.

2. Develop new business opportunities.

    • Develop and maintain business relationships with prospective sponsors (i.e., both new and existing clients) that will yield new business opportunities.
    • Identify specific new business opportunities and obtain approvals within WECC to pursue them.
    • Facilitate the development of proposals and grant applications that are responsive to sponsor goals and objectives while serving WECC’s business interests. This will involve working with sponsors to qualify their needs, identifying appropriate resources within to develop and deliver solutions, and being responsible for coordinating the development and writing of proposals and grants applications.
    • Under the direction of WECC’s Legal Counsel and Chief Financial Officer, negotiate contract scopes of work and pricing to ensure sponsor goals, objectives and other performance requirements are achievable while serving WECC’s business interests.
    • Work with WECC’s Contracts and Procurement Manager and sponsors to develop and execute service agreements.
    • Work with WECC’s Client Services and Energy Operations senior management to ensure contract terms and conditions are clearly communicated to internal staff and subcontractors.
    • Coordinate with external parties, such as sponsors, governmental agencies, and national affiliates, on program issues and develop partnerships that benefit the program.

3. These responsibilities are not all inclusive and other duties may be assigned from time to time.

Minimum Requirements

1. Bachelor’s Degree in Business or related field

2. 5 to 7 years work experience in account management of energy efficiency programs, including prior experience with:

    • Developing new and retaining existing business
    • Budget management
    • Successful contract negotiations
    • Leading project teams
    • Planning and implementing projects
    • Assignment prioritization and meeting critical deadlines
    • Demonstrated leadership and team building skills
    • Excellent written/ verbal communication and listening skills
    • Proficiency using MS Office Suite or comparable software

Apply online at www.weccusa.org

Job Application Deadline: 

April 07, 2014