Wisconsin Energy Institute

Business Process & Reporting Analyst

Date Published: 

October 22, 2013

Position Type: 


Job Location: 

Madison, WI

Job Description: 

Under direction, the Business Process and Reporting Analyst focuses on data quality control, business intelligence, and reporting. The position specializes in optimizing database functionality and development, along with program monitoring and financial and business analysis techniques. The primary focus is to provide information and tracking services to help WECC support program initiatives and fulfill the information needs of its clients, regulatory entities, and other stakeholders.

Primary & Essential Responsibilities

1. Provide WECC Client Services Directors and Program Managers with financial and operational information necessary to manage and improve energy efficiency programs. Proactively and reactively mine data and provide sound analysis to forecast program savings and financial results, assess program outcomes, and identify program and process improvements. Efforts will include but not be limited to obtaining data from both internal and external sources, analyzing and interpreting the data, and presenting results in formats that are understandable, useful, and actionable.

2. Work with the program leadership team to develop and prepare responses related to client’s inquiries. This task may involve collecting energy savings and budget/financial data from the program database and other sources, analyzing the data for accuracy and completeness, identifying progress toward goals, budget burn rates, and other trends, and sharing results in a clear and understandable format. This also includes reviewing submitted IT tickets with the customers to understand the requirements and then collaborating with the IT developers on resolution.

3. Identify opportunities and provide support to improve collection, tracking, and reporting of data, and assist with implementation of these process improvements in cooperation with program and IT staff as well as client.

4. Assist Program Directors with data mining and analysis that enable WECC to assess program outcomes, identify process improvements and implementation. Efforts will include but not be limited to providing data to the program staff, analyzing and interpreting the data, and presenting results in formats that are useful and actionable.

5. Contribute to the design and planning of program initiatives including: participating in conference calls with clients and market providers, working to identify program data collection requirements to support evaluation and high risk programs/measures, developing program participation forecasts, analyzing trends and market share, and evaluating success of initiatives. Ensure compliance with contracts and policies and procedures, and troubleshoot and resolve discrepancies. Maintain invoice and related files for subcontractors.

6. Present data, research, and analysis results to diverse audiences including program staff and other internal/external stakeholders as requested.

7. Maintain invoice/budget tracking spreadsheets for programs/subcontractors; and, monitor and report budget-to-actual status. Assist with monthly budget shifts as requested. Perform monthly reconciliation with invoices produced by the WECC Controller.

8. Serve as a resource to subcontractors regarding budget-to-actual status, the Policies & Procedures Manual, and other program information and correspondence as assigned

9. These responsibilities are not all inclusive and other duties may be assigned from time to time.

Minimum Requirements

1. Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Finance, Economics or related field.

2. 3-5 years experience using strong analytical skills to conduct quantitative analysis and clearly summarize results; working with users to identify, access, and extract information from databases; preparing and using performance metrics and reports; tracking project and/or program budgets; writing professionally.

3. Experience as an advanced or expert user of MS Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Access.

4. Strong analytical skills including demonstrated experience accessing complex information and presenting data in a clear format.

5. Superior knowledge of analytical techniques.

6. Outstanding customer service skills and the ability to relate complex data terms in easy to understand ways to general users.

7. Strong problem solving skills to quickly understand and relate to customers’ analytical needs.

8. Strong listening skills, including the ability to interpret user requests.

9. Advanced knowledge of and ability to work with complex relational datasets and/or databases,

10. Knowledge of basic budget and accounting principles and practices.

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Job Application Deadline: 

November 14, 2013