Wisconsin Energy Institute

Associate Director

Date Published: 

September 30, 2013

Position Type: 


Job Location: 

Madison, WI

Job Description: 

The Wisconsin Energy Institute (WEI) is a meta-center that seeks to focus the many energy-related education, research and service activities on the UW-Madison campus. Our vision is to enhance Wisconsin's national leadership in identifying strategies for clean, efficient energy to help assure continued economic growth for the state and the nation. The WEI mission is to provide an objective forum for exchange of ideas on energy issues, and to focus, integrate and transfer knowledge to understand challenges and identify needs in energy resources, technology and sustainability.

Under the direction of the Director of the Wisconsin Energy Institute, the Associate Director will provide administrative leadership and overall programmatic, quality improvement, and operational direction for WEI research, facility operations, infrastructure and administrative management for all awards across a multi-disciplinary and multi-institution environment. The AD will lead an operations/administrative group comprised of over 30 staff members, with an annual operations budget of over $3.75M, as well as providing assistance to internal grant and sponsored research budgets routed through WEI. The AD will inspire, lead, manage and coordinate the overall operations of the WEI as well as provide supervision of administrative services, financial operations, grants and research administration, human resources, communications, information technology, educational programs, organizational quality, facilities, environmental health & safety (EH&S), and external relations of the Institute.

The incumbent will support and act on behalf of the WEI Director in day-to-day direction, management and planning related to the Institute's infrastructure, management, quality assurance and business functions. The AD also participates as an active member of the WEI Executive Committee, Deans Council and the Campus Oversight Committee and has input into strategic operations planning, formulation, direction and implementation of administrative priorities, operations programs and projects to enhance the Institute's ability to be competitive and operate efficiently.

As a member of WEI senior management, the AD plays a key role in developing, planning and managing major organizational functions and initiatives including strategic planning and execution. As needed, the AD may represent the WEI Director with various institution, business or external stakeholders. This position reports at least quarterly to the WEI Director and Executive Committee.

Job Application Deadline: 

October 24, 2013