Looking Back on 2013 at the Wisconsin Energy Institute

Written by Eric Anderson and Matthew Wisniewski

Looking back on 2013

The Wisconsin Energy Institute (WEI) building opened its doors in April 2013 with a weekend full of energy events that captured the mission of the organization inside—an energy career fair featuring 20 different companies, a symposium celebrating energy research and innovation in Wisconsin, and a day of family-friendly, hands-on activities. Nearly 800 people attended the event and the WEI has carried that momentum through the year.

Since then, the Institute has positioned itself as the University of Wisconsin–Madison’s centerpiece of energy research by preparing future energy leaders, fostering collaborative research efforts and enhancing public understanding of energy issues. In a year of many beginnings, we hosted our first Bioenergy Showcase event to connect industry leaders with the cutting-edge research being done by the Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center; we created programs for students to explore energy as a research topic and career; we funded promising new research with our first series of seed grant awards; and we showcased the sustainable design and construction of our beautiful 100,000 square foot research facility, giving tours to more than 750 first-time visitors.

Explore the timeline below to find out more about some of the key events that took place inside the Wisconsin Energy Institute in 2013:

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